Wednesday, January 22, 2014

With A Passion

Do you believe in coincidences?

I don't.

I ran into a man today at the dentist's office. Josiah had an appointment, and our dentist's office is on Main Street, and since I'll take just about any excuse to spend time with him, we decided to brave the icy sidewalks and walk to the office.

While Josiah was busy in the dentist's chair, I struck up a conversation with the previous patient who, as divine providence would have it, was a Christian.

We spoke for a long time about many different things and, while we had some theological differences, he said something to me that made such an impact I knew I'd write about it.

He said there was a day he was supposed to debate some piece of scripture with a fellow Christian over lunch - just two angry men convinced they were right (and another there just to watch the show over a sandwich).

He said he prayed sincerely for wisdom before-hand, and then he went in and told me man he wouldn't debate with him. He said he would sit down with him and the Word; they would sit next to each other and study the scripture together and then as united Christians they would derive the meaning. 

In the end, he said both of them had been partially right, but they walked away knowing the other was a brother in Christ.

He told me the end of the story with tears in his eyes and my heart almost exploded.

This man had passion.

Before our chat in the dentist's office, I was reading one of my textbooks for my Christian Leadership class (The Conviction to Lead by Albert Mohler). I read about the "Passion to Lead" and my heart was both heavy and hopeful.

I've lost momentum on forming the ministry. With the kids and I back in school, I just don't have time to finish designing the logo or set up the website/new blog...or anything else really.

I feel like I've lost some of my momentum...and some of my passion.

I found myself praying while I was reading, and then, for the first time, scrawling those prayers in the margins.

"Please God, make me passionate for Your word and Your will in everything I do."

"Please Lord, if I'm meant to lead, make me an infectious leader. One who leads with deep conviction and a passion for You."

"Please God, lead me so I can lead others."

"Please God...please."

And then I ran into Mr. Tom...a man with a passion for Christ...a man who, at that moment over lunch with a fellow Christian, chose unity in the body...the exact same thing our ministry is after: healing the body of Christ.

God lit the flame of my heart again for our cause, and while I know I still might not have time to work on everything today or tomorrow, that's okay. I'm on God's time and taking His lead, and His timing is perfect. Amen.

So, today, I'd like to thank Mr. Tom for allowing the Holy Spirit to speak to me through him, and for his lovely conversation in our dentist's waiting room.

I walked away knowing another brother in Christ.

Whom have I in heaven but you?
And there is nothing on earth that I desire besides you.
My flesh and my heart may fail,
but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.
Psalm 73:26-26

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  1. Alissa- I agree, that certainly was no coincidence:) I was very pleased to read this post and see your passion to follow God shine through. Keep those prayers up, Girlfriend! God's timing is always so good:)